Tech Start-Up Makes Random Food Sampling A Thing Of The Past

Tech Start-Up Makes Random Food Sampling A Thing Of The Past

Tech startup makes random food sampling a thing of the past

Plasma Nutrition will make batch-by-batch testing possible thanks to the power of big data

Plasma Nutrition will add a new layer of security to its protein processing technology this month, with the launch of ioSurance™, a proprietary, fully automated QA/QC process for batch-by-batch testing.

Earlier this year, the startup finalized the development of Ingredient Optimization™, a patent pending technology that changes the structure of protein powders thereby increasing their bioefficacy. The launch of ioSurance™ will happen alongside the commercial release of ioProtein™.

As co-founder Stephen Motosko explains, this timing is not coincidental: “with ioSurance™, we want to ensure that every single batch of ioProtein™ has in fact gone through Ingredient Optimization™ and has the benefits that customers and manufacturers are looking for.” In order to achieve that level of detail, Plasma Nutrition will leverage big data. “We were able to scale up the quality testing process to accommodate every type of scenario,” says Motosko, “and that is a first for the food industry.”

The power of data-backed assurance in the evaluation of protein quality can be particularly beneficial for sports supplements brands, now that consumers are becoming more demanding and paying more attention to what is on the label. “Brands can no longer take consumers’ trust for granted,” says co-founder Chris Flynn-Rozanski, “and that is especially true for the sports nutrition industry. We see a lot of wild claims being made, but it’s often hard for customers to know if what it says on the label is also in the product.”

About Plasma Nutrition

Plasma Nutrition is a New York-based tech startup founded in 2015 with the mission to unlock the full potential of the food that we eat and improve health outcomes. Plasma Nutrition’s patent pending protein processing technology, called Ingredient Optimization, comprises a specifically-designed hardware platform, an innovative food transformation process, and a custom-designed quality control.

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