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ioWhey® and ioPea is a high quality, bioavailability enhanced protein powered by our patent-pending Ingredient Optimized® technology. Designed to deliver optimal nutrition and maximum physical results with great taste, io™ fuels the next generation of protein.


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All protein is not created equal. Customers are more informed than ever before and they’re searching for products that are more than just a commodity. Become a true innovator with ioProtein and ioWhey:


  • Proven more bioavailable than Whey Protein Isolate
  • Taste neutral – unlike some processes and enzymes that can leave your products bitter and acidic, ioProtein doesn’t alter your taste profile
  • Easy to use in foods, supplements and beverages
  • Clinically backed by 7 human trials and over 5 years of research and development
  • Scalable process designed to integrate seamlessly into your supply chain
  • Safe and Compliant, confirmed by the leading FDA legal firm in the USA to maintain GRAS status
  • Available as USDA Certified Organic, NSF Certified for Sport, Halal, Kosher, NSF (GMP Certificate) and SQF Level 2
  • With no 3rd party ingredients, allows for a clean label
  • Improves customer engagement with your brand


ioWhey Protein vs. Standard Whey

103% Increased Leucine Bioavailability*

111% Increased BCAA Bioavailability*

123% Increased EAA Bioavailability*

Leucine Time Analysis

BCAA Time Analysis

EAA Time Analysis

ioWhey vs. High DH Hydrolized Whey

58% Increased Leucine Bioavailability*

60% Increased BCAA Bioavailability*

48% Increased EAA Bioavailability*

Leucine Time Analysis

BCAA Time Analysis

EAA Time Analysis

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