Not all BCAA’s are the same

Your customers are searching for results, not marketing hype. Isn’t it time to deliver more than just a commodity? Bring real innovation to your customers with ioBCAA™:


  • Proven more bioavailable than standard BCAA’s
  • Taste neutral, so you can focus on performance instead of flavor masking
  • Easy to use in powder, capsule or drink applications
  • Scalable process designed to integrate seamlessly into your supply chain
  • With no 3rd party ingredients, allows for a clean label
  • Convenient logo your customers can recognize


160% Increased Leucine Bioavailability*
218% Increased Isoleucine Bioavailability*
344% Increased Valine Bioavailability*

Leucine Time Analysis

Isoleucine Time Analysis

Valine Time Analysis

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