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We’ve worked hard developing technology to improve ingredients at the source, creating protein that delivers superior nutritional impact and maximum physical results. But our work didn’t stop with years of technological development and clinical trials, because we understand that the best science is science you can trust. That’s why we’ve developed ioSurance ™, a proprietary process to guarantee that every batch of Ingredient Optimized ™ products has been successfully transformed. The nutrition industry is filled with people asking you to trust them. We prefer to show you results. ioSurance ™ was designed with your business and your customers in mind, focusing on 4 key factors:

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ioSurance ™ tests each sample 4 times to ensure statistically significant results before and after processing. By measuring over 700 distinct environmental variables, ioSurance ™ yields more than 10,000 data points in each group for comprehensive coverage of your protein.


ioSurance ™ allows us to detect changes throughout the protein structure, breaking down the individual data across several statistical measures for optimal precision and actionable insights.

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Cutting Edge ioSurance

Cutting Edge

The lab of the future is here today. ioSurance ™ integrates state of the art robotics and modern instruments that are continuously monitored, 24/7. By fully automating the process, human errors such as dilution errors, pipetting errors and external contaminations are eliminated, giving you more accurate results in less time.


Utilizing automation and robots minimize the human element and allows for maximum throughput and scalability to ensure better data for highly reproducible results. Whether your R&D team is developing a new product formulation, or you’re ramping up for a nationwide expansion, ioSurance ™ has you covered.

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