Three Major Australian Brands Launch Products with Ingredient Optimized’s ioPea

Three Major Australian Brands Launch Products with Ingredient Optimized’s ioPea

Three Major Australian Brands Launch Products with Ingredient Optimized’s ioPea™

The new brands are disrupting the protein market with Ingredient Optimized’s clinically studied plant-based protein, ioPea™

Ingredient Optimized® is excited to announce the launch of three new products using the advanced protein technology of ioPea™. On the forefront of technology, the products are formulated to target consumers that are looking for plant-based protein options that are just as well absorbed as standard whey protein.

The three Australian based products: Ultra Bio® Protein + Collagen by Tropeaka®, MCT Protein™ by myBrainCo®, and Performance Protein Superblend by P3 are powered by ioPea for its optimal absorption benefits. ioPea’s technology is a natural process that uses focused energy to alter the protein’s structure and allow the body’s own digestive enzymes to work more effectively.

ioPea™ is clinically studied to be 2-5X more bioavailable and better absorbed than unaltered pea protein. The innovative technology makes it the first plant protein to deliver absorption equivalent to that of standard whey protein.

Tropeaka®, Ultra Bio® Protein + Collagen utilizes Ingredient Optimized’s ioPea protein and marine collagen peptides for advanced absorption technology.  The product offers 19.6g of protein and 3.3g of marine collagen per serving for both performance and healthy hair and skin benefits.

myBrainCo®’s MCT Protein™ combines a high dose of coconut-sourced MCTs, Ingredient Optimized’s ioPea, rice protein and FODMAP-friendly fiber in one convenient serving, helping to fuel both body and brain performance.

Purity Plant Protein (P3) Performance Protein Superblend, combines Ingredient Optimized’s ioPea protein with rice peptide and probiotics to offer a complete amino acid profile and support gut health.  The product comes in two flavors — French Vanilla and Swiss Chocolate.

Phyto Therapy, an Australian based company, is a distributor of Ingredient Optimized® ioPea protein. The company has more than two decades of experience working in new product development with dietary supplements; specifically, the sports nutrition space.  As plant-based options continue to explode in the marketplace, Phyto Therapy leads the way as a wholesaler of Certified Organic plant-based ingredients.  In addition, Phyto Therapy holds Climate Active Carbon Neutral and B-Corp Certifications showing its continued commitment to social and sustainable business standards.

“As the plant-based market continues to grow around the world, we are excited about the launch of these three new Australian brands using our ioPea protein technology and to watch the growth of the vegan market” said Chris Flynn Rozanski, Co-Founder & CEO of Ingredient Optimized.

Miles Wayne, Founder & CEO of Phyto Therapy went on to explain “having three brands powered by a plant-protein that is just as well absorbed as standard whey protein is a huge steppingstone in the industry and is in line with our continued innovation manufacturing strategy at Phyto Therapy.”

 About Ingredient Optimized:

Ingredient Optimized is a biotechnology company focused on improving the quality of protein and overall nutrition through their Ingredient Optimized technology. When their io isolate is a component ingredient, protein products are able to deliver superior protein absorption by the body, reduced stomach discomfort, and improved taste. Backed by scientific research and clinical trials, the io technology is able to improve health outcomes for the protein-deficient elderly and bodybuilders alike.

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