Tech Start-Up Plasma Nutrition Makes International Debut at Two Major Summits

Tech Start-Up Plasma Nutrition Makes International Debut at Two Major Summits

Tech Start-Up Plasma Nutrition Makes International Debut at Two Major Summits

Tech company and Food-X graduate Plasma Nutrition will attend two of the most important food-tech summits outside of the US this month: Seeds&Chips in Milan and AG/SUM in Tokyo. Co-founder Chris Flynn-Rozanski will also be a speaker at both events.

In just three editions, Seeds&Chips has garnered increased importance in the food-tech world, with President Obama as keynote speaker for this year’s event. AG/SUM’s first edition is the third start-up event hosted by Japanese media giant Nikkei. Two summits on two continents, with one agenda: to foster innovation and cooperation between different disciplines and stakeholders, in order to make and keep the food chain sustainable, “from farm to fork and beyond” as Seeds&Chips’ tagline says.

Last month, Plasma Nutrition announced the upcoming launch of the first products featuring their patent-pending  ioProtein™: a line of sports supplements in co-branded partnership with PERFORMIX®. The products will feature a more efficient type of whey protein, developed with patent-pending Ingredient Optimization technology that improves the performance of the ingredient without the addition of any enzymes or additives.

While remaining tightly focused on the US market for its product launch, Plasma Nutrition’s contribution to Seeds&Chips and AG/SUM marks the intention of paving the way towards international partnerships, in line with a co-branding business model.

“We feel part of a global mission to make food more sustainable,” says Flynn-Rozanski. “Our goal is to make both animal and plant-based proteins more nutritious, while keeping formulations as simple as possible.”

According to co-founder Stephen Morosko, rapid advancements in technology are creating a dynamic relationship between thought leaders and consumers. “Companies must listen to the needs of the market,” says Motosko. “Technology however, often moves faster than consumers realize, so it’s our role to shepherd them towards innovative ideas and products they didn’t know were possible.”

About Plasma Nutrition

Plasma Nutrition is a New York-based tech start-up founded in 2015 with the mission to unlock the full potential of the food we eat and improve health outcomes. In 2016 Plasma Nutrition took part in the cohort of Food-X, the world’s leading food business accelerator. This year, the start-up will launch its first ioProtein™ ingredient, based on a technology comprising of a specifically-designed hardware platform and an innovative food transformation process. For more information please visit or contact Chris Flynn-Rozanski.