Plasma Nutrition and Performix Supplements Bring Improved Whey Protein to the Market

Plasma Nutrition and Performix Supplements Bring Improved Whey Protein to the Market


Plasma Nutrition and Performix® Supplements Bring Improved Whey Protein to the Market

Competitive gains ahead for food brands thanks to new processing technology

Product reformulations are about to become easier for food brands looking to increase the performance of their protein-based snacks and powders. Food-tech startup Plasma Nutrition announced today the launch of a series of products featuring ioProtein™, a new and improved type of whey protein, in co-branded partnership with PERFORMIX®.

The enhancement is the result of Plasma Nutrition’s Ingredient Optimization™ technology (patent-pending), which makes it possible to change several functional characteristics of protein on a commercial scale, altering the way they are absorbed and utilized by the body. After five years of development, ioProtein™ is expected to enter the US market in the coming months.

“Changing the structure of proteins is not a new thing in itself,” says Plasma Nutrition co-founder Stephen Motosko, “but so far it’s always been done in a lab environment, five grams at a time. Scaling the process and making it economically viable is something no one has ever tried to do before.” This advancement will allow food brands to create more efficient products and gain a competitive edge in the growing supplements industry, without necessarily altering the protein content.

“Considering the size of the market, technological improvements in protein processing have been quite stagnant for decades,” says co-founder Chris Flynn-Rozanski. “So it was a long time coming for this type of breakthrough.”

For ioProtein™, the upcoming co-branded launch is only a first step. “Our partnership with Plasma Nutrition will be a huge factor in our future growth and market expansion,” says PERFORMIX® CEO Matt Hesse. “Our forthcoming products will be our most innovative and unique to date.”

Future uses of the Ingredient Optimization™ technology go far beyond sports nutrition, extending to the health sector and alternative (vegetable) protein sources. These improvements could go a long way to correct nutritional deficiencies in the diet of an ever-growing senior population and help stave off the muscle-wasting scourge known as sarcopenia.

About Plasma Nutrition

Plasma Nutrition is a New York-based tech start-up founded in 2015 with the mission to unlock the full potential of the food we eat and improve health outcomes. In 2016 Plasma Nutrition took part in the cohort of Food-X, the world’s leading food business accelerator. This year, Plasma Nutrition will launch its first ioProtein™ ingredient, based on a technology comprising a specifically-designed hardware platform and an innovative food transformation process. For more information please visit or contact Chris Flynn-Rozanski.


Corr-Jensen’s PERFORMIX supplements deliver a comprehensive set of performance-lifestyle solutions coupling nutrition, fitness and wellness support along with technologically advanced supplements. With a background ranging from athletics to military, as well as owning and operating a chain of nutritional retail outlets, Corr-Jensen’s CEO and Founder Matt Hesse set out to create a brand that extends beyond product and aims at inspiring athletes in fitness and in life. For more information please visit or contact Jason Ginenthal.

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