Plasma Nutrition debuts ioShield, a free technology to enhance protein safety

Plasma Nutrition debuts ioShield, a free technology to enhance protein safety

Drawing from cutting edge university research, ioShield offers brands and consumers another layer of protection against microbes and mold.

Plasma Nutrition is excited to announce the debut of ioShield, a new level of food safety protection that provides brands and consumers added confidence in their nutritional supplements. This added protection will be offered for free to brands. Combined with the enhanced bioavailability of products like ioWhey Protein, ioShield continues the company’s commitment to creating elite quality products consumers can trust.

The team at Plasma Nutrition believes that food safety should be a central focus of industry innovation. “It seems like every day we read about product recalls or consumers getting sick due to food safety issues. Even now the FDA is battling a lettuce contamination affecting millions of people around the country,” said Co-Founder Steve Motosko. “Brands need to build trust in their supply chain and consumers shouldn’t have to pay more for this increased sense of security. That is why we are giving away this technology to brands for free.”

This additional layer of protection can be especially beneficial for brands looking to stay ahead of the curve and maintain consumer trust. “ioShield is just another step for our technology in creating industry leading products with benefits that resonate with all consumers. There are many reasons why people choose a particular supplement or functional food, and to be the best in the industry we know it is important to continuing innovating across all areas of product development” noted Co-Founder Chris Flynn-Rozanski.

ioShield represents another major development for the team at Plasma Nutrition and will be a central part of their existing and new products heading into 2019.

About Plasma Nutrition

Plasma Nutrition is a tech startup with the mission to unlock the full potential of the food we eat to improve health outcomes. Plasma Nutrition’s ingredient processing technology, called Ingredient Optimized® (patent pending), includes a specifically-designed hardware platform and an innovative food transformation process used to create ioWhey Protein, a leader in protein bioavailability.

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