MyProtein Launches Plant-Based Protein: THE ioPea by Ingredient Optimized

MyProtein Launches Plant-Based Protein: THE ioPea by Ingredient Optimized

MyProtein Launches Plant-Based Protein: THE ioPea by Ingredient Optimized

The only plant-based protein offering that is a whey protein equivalent

New York, NY – November 29, 2021Ingredient Optimized (io), a patent-pending biotechnology company dedicated to improving the taste and quality of protein powder, today announced that MyProtein, a leading sports nutrition brand that delivers a range of quality products including protein powder, vitamins and minerals, high-protein foods, snack alternatives and performance clothing has officially launched THE ioPea. The plant-based protein will use io’s naturally optimized ioPea Protein and marks the first time MyProtein is offering customers a plant-based protein without performance compromises. While most plant proteins aren’t up to the same standards as animal-based products when it comes to absorption and bioavailability, io’s technology is proven to be nearly three times more bioavailable than standard Pea protein. 

ioPea doesn’t use any animal-based proteins, making MyProtein’s THE ioPea, a vegan option that delivers the same amino acids as a dairy or animal-based whey. Clinically backed by over five years of research and development, ioPea is transforming the pea protein market by allowing brands to offer their customers protein that is better for their nutrition and aligns with environmentally-conscious consumption choices. It’s a true no compromise plant protein.

“Simply being ‘plant-based’ is no longer enough. Whether customers choose plant-based products due to environmental or health reasons, they have come to expect plant-based products with superior performance, without sacrificing taste or results. ioPea is fueling this future.” said Chris Flynn-Rozanski, co-founder and CEO of Ingredient Optimized. “This launch indicates a shift in the protein industry towards an innovation in quality, not just flavor or protein type.”

MyProtein THE ioPea is  available via MyProtein’s online store. THE ioPea is currently available in a 1.85 lb size (equivalent to 30 servings) in Banana Bread flavor, at the price of $69.99. It is a complete source of EAAs and BCAA with  20g of protein packed into each serving.  For a list of all io products and availability, visit

About Ingredient Optimized:

Ingredient Optimized is a biotechnology company focused on improving the quality of protein and overall nutrition through their Ingredient Optimized technology. When their io isolate is a component ingredient, protein products are able to deliver superior protein absorption by the body, reduced stomach discomfort, and improved taste. Backed by scientific research and clinical trials, the io technology is able to improve health outcomes for the protein-deficient elderly and bodybuilders alike.

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