ioWhey Protein Launches in Walmart

ioWhey Protein Launches in Walmart

Supported by John Cena, ioWhey Protein launched at Walmart by Performix. 

ioWhey Protein, the leader in protein bioavailability, has officially launched in Walmart stores throughout the United States. In partnership with Performix, ioWhey Protein is proud to be supported by John Cena as it continues to expand its retail presence across the country. Accompanying the recent launch of ioWhey Protein at GNC, expansion into Walmart ensures that consumers now have access to the industry’s best protein powder wherever they shop. 

“Our goal has always been to make innovation accessible to all consumers without diluting the incredible value of our technology, ” noted Co-Founder Chris Flynn-Rozanski. “We’re excited to be working with Performix, John Cena, and Walmart to bring ioWhey Protein to new customers. As we continue to work on even more innovative products, it’s great to know that we have tremendous brand and retail partners who recognize that io is the future of nutrition”.

ioWhey Protein is available at Walmart in two exciting flavors, Fruity Cereal and Chocolate Brownie, and accompanies the new Performix total workout stack, available at Walmart both in store and online.

About Plasma Nutrition

Plasma Nutrition is a tech startup with the mission to unlock the full potential of the food we eat to improve health outcomes. Plasma Nutrition’s ingredient processing technology, called Ingredient Optimized® (patent pending), includes a specifically-designed hardware platform and an innovative food transformation process used to create ioWhey Protein, a leader in protein bioavailability.

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