ioProtein’s: The Innovative Technology Transforming “Clear” Products

ioProtein’s: The Innovative Technology Transforming “Clear” Products

ioProtein’s: The Innovative Technology Transforming “Clear” Products

Formulating in the Clear Market

Introducing Clear Proteins

In a landscape where consumers are seeking transparency and innovation in their dietary supplement products, protein technology is leading the way. With a growing interest in health and wellness, protein supplementation has become a staple for active nutrition enthusiasts. Among the latest trends in protein is the introduction of clear proteins which are gaining popularity within the sports nutrition category.

Active nutrition brands are using innovative technology to develop clear proteins that are derived from premium sources and processed to preserve the purity and clarity of the proteins.  Unlike conventional protein isolates, which can be cloudy and gritty in texture, clear proteins boast clarity making them an ideal choice for clear protein formulations.

Clear proteins offer many benefits and advantages that make them attractive to consumers seeking convenient, effective, and unique ways to meet their protein needs. One of the key advancements in clear protein technology is the refinement of filtration and purification methods.  Through these methods, companies can achieve clarity in protein solutions and eliminate any cloudiness or sedimentation. The level of clarity enhances the product’s aesthetics and signifies quality aspects that resonate with the consumer. Some of the other key benefits of clear protein include:

  • Transparency: Clear protein solutions are crystal clear indicating their purity and

quality, unlike traditional protein supplements which often have a cloudy appearance or gritty texture.

  • Versatility: Clear proteins can be incorporated into a variety of applications including flavored waters, sports drinks, smoothies, and more. This allows consumers to enjoy their protein intake that suits their taste preferences and meets their nutritional goals.  Advanced applications open up possibilities of product innovation and formulation for manufacturers and allows brands to cater to a diverse number of consumer preferences and market demands.
  • High-Quality: Clear proteins, whether derived from animal or plant sources, provide high-quality protein that is rich in amino acids.
  • Taste: Clear proteins have a light and clean taste making them an alternate option for those who find traditional protein supplements gritty, or over sweet, and heavy.

Within the sports nutrition category, consumers continue to demand innovative ingredients and dietary supplements. Clear proteins represent a significant advance in offering convenient, effective, and visually-appealing solutions for protein supplements.

ioProtein’s in Clear Formulations

Ingredient Optimized’s ioProtein’s have a unique approach to protein supplementation utilizing cutting-edge technology and a wealth of clinical research. Backed by 10 clinical studies, the io line of proteins can be easily incorporated into any clear formulation whether animal or plant-based.

With ioWhey at the forefront, io’s patented technology delivers enhanced absorption and optimal performance benefits. ioWhey’s patented technology provides long lasting and superior absorption benefits.  It also delivers performance benefits to support training-induced changes in muscle and body fat and overall performance. Furthermore, less is more as clinical studies showed that25% less ioWhey achieved the same results as standard whey protein.

ioPea™ is a clinically studied plant-based option with 3-5X more bioavailable and better absorption than unaltered pea protein. What sets ioPea apart is its unique ability to match the absorption rates of standard whey protein marking a significant milestone in plant protein technology.

Introducing The First io Clear Protein

Flow – Clear ioWhey Protein Isolate is enhanced with cutting-edge IO technology. This clear whey protein delivers a refreshing taste and 25g of high-quality protein that is perfect for revitalizing your workout sessions. To find out more visit:

 About Ingredient Optimized:

Ingredient Optimized is a biotechnology company focused on improving the quality of protein and overall nutrition through advanced Ingredient Optimized technology. Ingredient Optimized portfolio of clinically researched branded proteins include ioWhey®, ioPea™, ioCollagen™, and ioBCAA™ which deliver superior protein absorption, increased performance outcomes, reduced stomach discomfort, and improved taste vs. standard protein isolates.

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