ioPea Protein, the first plant protein better than whey

ioPea Protein, the first plant protein better than whey

io naturally fixes plant protein’s low bioavailability

Choosing the best protein powder has always been an exercise in compromise for consumers. Animal-based proteins provide the highest quality nutrition but their production can be harmful to the environment. Dairy production alone is still responsible for 3% of greenhouse gas emissions, more than all airplanes combined. Dairy proteins have also struggled to gain adoption in markets like Asia where nearly 90% of the population is lactose intolerant. Plant-based proteins like pea are much more sustainable, but their inferior nutrition and negative taste profile has limited their mass consumer appeal. That compromise stops today. Plasma Nutrition is excited to announce the launch of ioPea Protein, the first pea protein nutritionally comparable to whey protein. 

Powered by the same natural process behind the groundbreaking ioWhey Protein, ioPea protein is nearly 3x as bioavailable as a standard pea protein and comparable to the bioavailability of whey protein. For the first time, brands will be able to bring their customers a truly compelling plant protein without sacrificing taste or performance. Co-founder Chris Flynn-Rozanski highlighted the importance of this launch for the company. “We’ve always worked with two key principles in mind. First, food as medicine – the notion that food is the foundational component to human health. And second, food must be more sustainable. ioPea Protein delivers on both of these core values and will transform how brands and consumers think about their protein options.”

After years of development, Plasma Nutrition is thrilled to be debuting another application of their breakthrough nutrition technology. Co-founder Stephen Motosko considers this launch to be the next major evolution for Ingredient Optimized. “From day one, we’ve developed this technology as a platform for nutrition innovation, not just as a single product. Our focus on building a clean, natural solution to enhance nutrition was designed to transform the way consumers engage with their food, and the debut of ioPea Protein is a major milestone towards that goal.” Following the successful launch of ioWhey Protein in retailers across the USA, including Walmart, GNC, Rite Aid, and The Vitamin Shoppe, Plasma Nutrition is excited to bring ioPea Protein to consumers in 2020.

About Plasma Nutrition

Plasma Nutrition is a tech startup with the mission to unlock the full potential of the food we eat to improve health outcomes. Plasma Nutrition’s ingredient processing technology, called Ingredient Optimized® (patent pending), includes a specifically-designed hardware platform and an innovative food transformation process used to create ioWhey Protein, a leader in protein bioavailability.

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