io Debuts in First Meal Replacement, Clean Meal from Kaged Muscle

io Debuts in First Meal Replacement, Clean Meal from Kaged Muscle

io Debuts in First Meal Replacement, Clean Meal from Kaged Muscle

Plasma Nutrition is excited to announce the newest ioWhey product – Clean Meal by Kaged Muscle. Clean Meal is the first meal replacement product to use Ingredient Optimized technology. Initially launching with ioPea Protein’s debut product, Plantein, Kaged Muscle continues to expand its use of io technology with ioWhey in Clean Meal. As the first io based meal replacement, this is another major milestone for ioWhey and expands the options for consumers seeking new ways to experience the best protein available. 

“We are thrilled to be bringing ioWhey Protein to a meal replacement, especially one as great as Clean Meal,” said io founder Steve Motosko. “We designed this technology to improve human nutrition, and for us that as always meant going beyond just a standard protein shake. Kaged Muscle is a clear innovator and we’re proud that we could bring enhanced protein absorption to their customers. We can’t wait until consumers can get their hands on this.”

Kris Gethin, founder of Kaged Muscle, knows that this product will have a major impact for many. “We understand that life can get in the way but that should not be an excuse to miss a meal or substitute it with a crappy option.Whether you need a meal for work, don’t have time to go to the grocery store or you just don’t have time to prepare your meals. That’s why we produced Clean Meal to eliminate those excuses.”

Initially launched exclusively on the Kaged Muscle app on March 15th, Kaged Muscle Clean Meal will be available online beginning March 18th.

About Plasma Nutrition

Plasma Nutrition is a tech startup with the mission to unlock the full potential of the food we eat to improve health outcomes. Plasma Nutrition’s ingredient processing technology, called Ingredient Optimized® (patent pending), includes a specifically-designed hardware platform and an innovative food transformation process used to create ioWhey Protein, a leader in protein bioavailability.

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