Introducing Protean, the first Ingredient Optimized RTD

Introducing Protean, the first Ingredient Optimized RTD

Introducing Protean, the first Ingredient Optimized RTD

ioProtein is a natural non-thermal atmospheric-treated protein that enhances the ingredients’ structure to allow the body’s own digestive enzymes to work more effectively. Ingredient Optimized offers protein technology in a wide variety of sources including both plant and animal-based options. The io technology is clinically studied to show a 3-5X more bioavailable and better absorbed protein than unaltered protein sources. ioProtein’s are backed by ten (10) clinical studies with substantiated claims for both absorption benefits and performance benefits.

Introducing Protean

Protean, by Genepro Protein is a cutting-edge formulation designed to deliver unparalleled absorption and bioavailability. The RTD protein beverage boasts an advanced blend of high-quality proteins from Ingredient Optimized, ioWhey and ioCollagen to provide essential amino acids effectively ensuring optimal performance. Protean is formulated for rapid absorption and provides the body with essential amino acids quickly.

Some of the key features of the product include:

  • 15 grams of protein
  • FODMAP Certified
  • No Lactose, Gluten or Allergens
  • Worlds’ Only Low-Calorie Protein
  • 3x more bioavailable than any other protein
  • No Carbs
  • No Sugars
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Artificial Sweeteners

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In the past decade, when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, convenience is key, especially in the consumer’s fast-paced, daily life. Enter the ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage – a constant gamer-changer but ever-changing product of innovation. These beverages offer a quick and easy way to refuel on the go as well as provide excellent protein sources for active and sports nutrition consumers. As the market evolves and demands become more evident, manufacturers are strategically innovating to master the art of crafting the perfect product for consumers. Manufacturers are eager to tap into this market to formulate innovative, quality-driven, and differentiated products that meet consumers’ needs and create a distinct niche in the RTD beverage landscape.

Protein Beverage Users

One of the biggest appeals of RTDs is the convenience which provides a hassle-free solution and offers a portable and ready-to-consume source of high-quality protein. RTDs offer products that are packed with proteins and vitamins to fill consumers’ macro and micro nutrition requirements. The types of consumers go beyond sports nutrition enthusiasts ranging from those needing a mid-day pick me up, to rushing to a morning commute, or the typical mom trying to juggle each day.

There are a wide variety of users that use RTD protein beverages on a daily basis.  Since protein is essential for muscle repair and growth, RTD protein beverages are ideal for post-workout recovery for muscle repair. Another area where protein beverages are consumed is for weight management and body composition goals.  By incorporating these high-quality protein beverages into a balanced diet, individuals can support their weight loss or maintenance goals while getting the essential nutrients they need. Older adults may use protein beverages to supplement their protein intake especially if they have difficulty chewing or have a decreased appetite. Additionally, individuals recovering from surgery can benefit from protein beverages as a convenient and easily digestible source of essential nutrients to support the healing process.

There is a wide range of consumers that consume protein beverages from active and sports nutrition enthusiasts to older adults and those recovering from surgery which makes them appealing across different demographics and lifestyles.

Manufacturing For the Consumer

Protein, protein, protein.  Finding the right protein source is key in manufacturing a protein beverage.  Trending plant protein including sources such as pea, hemp, and brown rice protein offer options to those in the growing vegan and vegetarian populations. These plant protein options also appeal to those consumers with allergen concerns. Whey protein is a staple in protein products yet incorporating high-quality, well-absorbed protein into formulations is key to differentiating in the marketplace.

Besides the rise and innovation in protein ingredients, the protein beverage market is driven by the diverse range of flavors that are offered by manufacturers. Beverages, whether convenient or not, are a perfect opportunity for flavor innovation. Gone are the days of classic chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Consumers are demanding more diverse flavors and manufacturers are partnering with classic childhood favorite flavors to create unique products in the market. The role of different flavors attracts a broader consumer audience creating exciting opportunities for manufacturers to offer “something for everyone” in the beverage market.

As consumers become more mature, branded ingredients that are researched-backed and well-studied for substantiated benefits are becoming even more important in formulations. Are the ingredients high quality and well absorbed? Is there science, not just one clinical study but multiple studies showing the ingredients’ benefits? Is there a clear mechanism of action of what the ingredient does and why it is used in the product? These are all questions that the consumer is asking but also looking for the answers to.  Understanding what the ingredients do and why they are used in a product featured on the product’s website and social media pages can help drive loyal customers who keep coming back for more.

Clean-label, eco-friendly, and sustainable have been trending in the nutraceutical categories for the past decade and are now starting to be evident in the protein beverage market.  Consumers are more conscious about their nutrition facts and labels; therefore, communicating the ingredients used and using minimal additives and high-quality proteins is key in creating a product to meet demands.

In a beverage landscape that is continuously innovating, monitoring consumer demands and emerging to current trends along with being able to tweak formulations is key to introducing new product lines. Manufacturers staying at the forefront of the industry with innovative products allow for their RTD protein beverages to remain relevant and meet consumers’ demands.

 About Ingredient Optimized:

Ingredient Optimized is a biotechnology company focused on improving the quality of protein and overall nutrition through advanced Ingredient Optimized technology. Ingredient Optimized portfolio of clinically researched branded proteins include ioWhey®, ioPea™, ioCollagen™, and ioBCAA™ which deliver superior protein absorption, increased performance outcomes, reduced stomach discomfort, and improved taste vs. standard protein isolates.

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