Ingredient Optimized® Partners with Supriya Lifesciences to Expand Global Distribution

Ingredient Optimized® Partners with Supriya Lifesciences to Expand Global Distribution

Ingredient Optimized® Partners with Supriya Lifesciences to Expand Global Distribution

The new partnership will allow for distribution of Ingredient Optimized’s ioProtein throughout India.

 Ingredient Optimized announced today that Supriya Lifescience Ltd. (SUPRIYA), a Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company, will manufacture and distribute Ingredient Optimized’s ioProtein India. The partnership will meet the demand for greater distribution, faster finished product production, and advanced manufacturing capabilities of ioProteins into the Indian market.

Supriya Lifescience will lead the manufacturing and marketing of ioProtein in India.  The distribution marks the introduction of a new category of optimized protein powders into the Indian market.

“We are thrilled to be the exclusive partner of Plasma Nutrition, Inc. (Ingredient Optimized) in introducing the innovative ioProtein to the Indian market,” said Dr Saloni Wagh, Executive Director at Supriya Lifescience.

“This strategic partnership represents our commitment to providing high-nutrition solutions to consumers in India. With ioProtein’s high bioavailability and its unmatched advantage, we are confident that the ‘io’ technology will revolutionize the nutrition industry and become the preferred choice for health-conscious individuals,” Wagh added.

Ingredient Optimzed’s ioProteins are backed by 10 clinical studies with substantiated claims for both absorption and performance benefits.  ioWhey’s patented technology provides long-lasting and superior absorption benefits.  It also delivers performance benefits to support training- induced changes in muscle and body fat and overall performance. Furthermore, less is more as clinical studies showed 25% less ioWhey achieved the same results as standard whey protein.

“As finished protein products across India continue to innovate, we are excited to partner with Supriya Lifesciene to serve this market with our ioProteins” said Chris Flynn Rozanski, Co-Founder & CEO of Ingredient Optimized.

Earlier this year, Ingredient Optimized partnered with Australian distributor Phyto Therapy to expand its ioPea™ into the market globally.  Phyto Therapy is a leading Australian ingredient supplier and co-manufacturer with more than two decades of experience working with new product development within the dietary supplement industry, specifically the sports nutrition space.

“Strengthening our global platform allows for new areas of innovation and product development with our ioProteins. Having science-based claims for enhanced absorption and bioavailability is a huge win for product development in the sports nutrition arena and we are excited to deliver that globally,” said Stephen Motosko, Co-Founder and CEO of Ingredient Optimized.

 About Ingredient Optimized:

Ingredient Optimized is a biotechnology company focused on improving the quality of protein and overall nutrition through their Ingredient Optimized technology. When their io isolate is a component ingredient, protein products are able to deliver superior protein absorption by the body, reduced stomach discomfort, and improved taste. Backed by scientific research and clinical trials, the io technology is able to improve health outcomes for the protein-deficient elderly and bodybuilders alike.

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