Ingredient Optimized Features its High-Tech Proteins at SuppySide West 2023

Ingredient Optimized Features its High-Tech Proteins at SuppySide West 2023

Ingredient Optimized Features its High-Tech Proteins at SuppySide West 2023

The clinically-studied line of proteins are 2-5X more absorbable than standard proteins.

Ingredient Optimized is headed to the 2023 SupplySide West Show as the interest in better absorbed clinically-researched protein options continues to explode in the sports nutrition market. The company offers both animal and plant-based proteins including ioWhey®, ioPea™, ioBCAA™, and ioCollagen™.

The proteins are naturally treated by non-thermal atmospheric technology that enhances the ingredients’ structure to allow the body’s own digestive enzymes to work more effectively.  The high-tech protein has been clinically studied to raise blood levels of essential amino acids (EAAs); branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs); and leucine 2-5X more than that of unaltered protein.

The proteins are backed by 10 human clinical studies for substantiated health benefits which include enhanced absorption and maximized performance. ioWhey provides longer-lasting absorption benefits with elevated blood concentration of EAA’s, BCAA’s and leucine for up to 60 minutes more than unaltered whey protein.  In addition, ioWhey was 25% more effective at supporting training-induced changes in muscle, body fat, and overall performance than non-optimized whey protein.

 ioPea is the first plant-based protein that offers the benefits of whey protein. Clinical studies that compared ioPea to both standard pea protein and standard whey protein showed that ioPea had greater bioavailability of leucine, BCAA’s, and EAA’s.  Consequently, ioPea was up to 3X more bioavailable overall compared to standard pea protein. In addition, there was no significant difference in ioPea vs. standard whey protein in elevating plasma amino acid levels, showing no superior absorption when comparing standardized whey to ioPea.

Ingredient Optimized continues to expand its manufacturing and distribution capabilities.  This year the company partnered with Mumbai-based Supriya Lifescience Ltd. and Australian-based Phyto-Therapy to widen the manufacture and distribution of the ingredients worldwide.   In December 2022, the company partnered with Texas-based manufacturer Nutrabound Labs, LLC to offer its newly launched ioCollagen.

 About Ingredient Optimized:

Ingredient Optimized is a biotechnology company focused on improving the quality of protein and overall nutrition through their Ingredient Optimized technology. When their io isolate is a component ingredient, protein products are able to deliver superior protein absorption by the body, reduced stomach discomfort, and improved taste. Backed by scientific research and clinical trials, the io technology is able to improve health outcomes for the protein-deficient elderly and bodybuilders alike.

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