5 New Human Clinical Trials Published on io, Proving Superiority

5 New Human Clinical Trials Published on io, Proving Superiority

5 New Human Clinical Trials Published on io, Proving Superiority

io demonstrates dramatically enhanced bioavailability across multiple new ingredients:

ioPea Protein better than Pea Protein

ioPea Protein equivalent to Whey Protein

ioWhey Protein better than Hydrolyzed Whey Protein

ioBCAA better than BCAA

ioLeucine better than Leucine

Plasma Nutrition, the market leader in bioavailability technology, announced the publication of a major peer-reviewed study demonstrating that Ingredient Optimized significantly improves bioavailability across multiple ingredients. Encompassing 5 human clinical trials, this is the largest and most significant study on Ingredient Optimized technology to date. Among the many notable conclusions, the research shows that ioPea protein significantly improves absorption of leucine, BCAA’s and EAA’s overall. According to the findings, io also improves pea protein bioavailability so dramatically as to make it equivalent to whey protein. In addition, the study demonstrates ioWhey’s superiority to a high DH hydrolyzed protein as well as significant bioavailability improvements for BCAA and Leucine powders. 

The double-blind crossover studies were completed by the Applied Science & Performance Institute. Researchers evaluated the ability of Ingredient Optimized technology to impact the bioavailability of whey protein, pea protein, BCAA’s and Leucine. The study, published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolic Insights, is another milestone in the Ingredient Optimized research portfolio as Plasma Nutrition continues to pave the way forward in the advancement of nutrition science. The authors of the study concluded that these results could have a far reaching impact, noting that the technology may be highly beneficial for individuals in many different categories, including those who exercise regularly, the elderly, and those affected by a reduced sensitivity to amino acids.

“We have been committed to a strong scientific foundation from Day 1, and the publication of this study is another strong example that investing in science and research is the winning formula ,” says Co-Founder Chris Flynn-Rozanski. “The significant improvements in bioavailability across multiple ingredients represent a major breakthrough in the sports nutrition industry and for the nutrition industry as a whole. We’ve known that io is the best technology available and this study demonstrates that our impact will go far beyond a single ingredient or market. Ingredient Optimized technology will transform the way people think about nutrition..”

For complete study findings, please visit: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/1178638820949239

About Plasma Nutrition

Plasma Nutrition is a tech startup with the mission to unlock the full potential of the food we eat to improve health outcomes. Plasma Nutrition’s ingredient processing technology, called Ingredient Optimized® (patent pending), includes a specifically-designed hardware platform and an innovative food transformation process used to create ioWhey Protein, a leader in protein bioavailability.

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