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Sick customers and food product recalls dominate the news and cost you customer relationships.

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Ingredient Optimized® products are built on innovation at every step, going beyond the industry leading bioavailability consumers love. In a world of uncertainty we strive to create products that consumers can trust, and nothing is more important to that trust than food safety. Cutting edge research by the USDA has shown that the science behind Ingredient Optimized can be used to help naturally and non-thermally enhance the safety of food and nutrition products, and we’ve built that into every one of our applications. ioShield™ delivers a free additional layer of protection to help keep harmful mold and microbes out of your products, so that you can spend less time worrying about your supply chain and more time creating amazing products your customers will love.


  • Proven scientific advantage – Built on USDA studies link
  • Free – Safety shouldn’t require compromise
  • Non Thermal  – Uses Ingredient Optimized technology with no heat or chemicals
  • Scalable process integrates seamlessly into your supply chain
  • With no 3rd party ingredients, allows for a clean label
  • Convenient logo your customers can recognize

Improved Safety

Total Mold / Yeast Count (Smaller Value is Better)
Total Microbial Count (Smaller Value is Better)

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