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Protein is one of the most essential components of daily nutrition – it promotes lean muscle growth, fat burning, and overall physical health. But for many, meeting daily protein needs is accompanied by unnecessary calories. This poses a challenge for anyone looking to use protein as a natural and healthy way to lose weight and meet their fitness goals. That is about to change.

26% Reduced Calories

26% Reduced Calories

Until now, your body has struggled to get the most out of each gram of protein you consume. It’s time for that waste to end. By changing the protein equation, ioProtein – Reduced Calorie delivers you maximum nutritional impact with 26% fewer calories. The world’s first reduced calorie protein has finally arrived.

Increased RMR

ioProtein keeps your body working for you even when you’re taking a break. By jumpstarting your metabolism, ioProtein – Reduced Calorie allows you the freedom to live your life the way you want to while still achieving your health and nutrition goals.

Increased RMR
Weight Management you can pronounce

Weight Management You Can Pronounce

Meeting your health goals shouldn’t require ingredients you can barely pronounce. Good nutrition should be simple, and ioProtein – Reduced Calorie delivers a naturally optimized protein that you can feel good about.

Non-thermogenic, Non-stimulant

Traditional crash diets and “miracle cures” can actually lower your metabolic rate – leaving you struggling to maintain results the moment you stop. ioProtein – Reduced Calorie is designed to help you achieve your dietary goals without unhealthy stimulants, giving you precise control over your every day nutrition.

Non Stimulant, Non Thermogenic

ioProtein – Reduced Calorie at a glance


Reduced Calories


Resting Metabolic Rate Increase (kcal / day)

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